What is Conker Claus?

A fully customisable Christmas game for your company, group or family.

Enjoy a new way of getting everyone in the festive spirit and download Conker Claus today!

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Create your own game

Upgrade your free version to make Conker Claus yours.
Here are some of the possibilities...

Create your group

Choose who you want to play with, invite your colleagues, friends or family to play.

Customise your characters

Simply choose a christmas character, upload your picture and become part of the game!

Set up your prizes

Want to make it even more exciting?! Set up your own high score prize competitions.

Play for a good cause

By purchasing this App you are supporting a really worthwhile cause this Christmas.
For every payment made, over 70% will go to this great charity.


The Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF) is a UK-registered charity which works with smallholder farmers and their organisations. Our current programmes reach ~280,000 tea, coffee and cocoa smallholder farmers across 12 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

About us

We have been in business for over 25 years in the UK under the Logobrand and Conker Group names. We build web apps and tablet apps for corporates; our apps are in current use in more than a dozen countries, as diverse as Germany, Kenya, Finland.

So what are we doing, launching this new game upon an unsuspecting world? You might be puzzled by this … and so are we, to some extent!

But in fact Conker Claus was first developed 3 years ago as a bit of festive fun for our staff and customers. This year we’re opening it up to anyone - families, special interest groups, companies - as a way of raising funds for two great charities. And, who knows, we might even make a small profit ourselves… that’s certainly on the wish-list that went to Santa :)

Conker Group